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Enhance ADHD monitoring with ICT!


Web Health Application for Adhd Monitoring, WHAAM project, intends to disseminate a new culture in the ADHD intervention. The rationale is that technology can promote a better networking among people involved in the care of an ADHD child: parents, teachers and health professionals (HPs). During the project, different outcomes have been released, including a theoretical Framework (CDFw) , an application to support multimodal interventions for ADHD subjects, a training course for parents, teachers and HPs to familiarize them with the cognitive-behavioural techniques and the use of the Web App created. Finally, this e-learning training module was designed, aimed at bringing the theme of ADHD and the use of Web App into University curricula.

The WHAAM project was funded with support from the European Commission in the context of the Lifelong Learning Programme Key Activity 3 Multilateral Projects (LLP - KA3 Multilateral projects. Call EAC/27/11. Reference project number: 531244-LLP-2012-IT-KA3MP)This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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    This is an e-learning module (designed at level 7 of the EQF European Higher Education Area framework), addressed to enhance knowledge, skills and competences of students about the monitoring and interventions on ADHD pupils.

    This is an uncertified edition of the e-learning module that will be available permanently. It will not be evaluated but you still need to register. For any question or comment, please email

    Developed by: Mónica Silveira-Maia; Manuela Sanches-Ferreira; Miguel Santos; Sílvia Alves with collaboration: Antonella Chifari (Project Coordinator); WHAAM Team